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International Trade Fair of
Organic Products and Agroecology

Natural Products, Food,
Supplements and Health Fair

BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA is the Latin America’s leading trade fair for organic products.

This emerging market has a wealth of opportunities and the event lives up to its title: it is an universe of opportunities for customers, suppliers, partners and consumers to strengthen business relationships and discover the latest industry insights.  The event has been a symbol of well-being and quality of life for 15 years.

The organic market generates over R$ 4 billion in revenues annually in Brazil alone. South America’s largest fair offers: food, fashion, cosmetics, hygiene products, services, information, training and much more!

Naturaltech is Latin America’s largest natural products fair and is a major event for an industry that continues to show very strong growth.

São Paulo – an international business hub – has hosted the event for 15 years, showcasing natural products, probiotics, whole foods, phytotherapeutics and supplementary treatments. The fair is a major business platform for this expanding sector. It promotes healthy lifestyles, business relationships and knowledge interactions among manufacturers, producers, retailers, healthcare professionals and consumers. 

However, the fair has much more to offer. Sports and esthetics nutritionists are part of a growing audience of healthier and more sustainable lifestyles and visit the fair to discover natural product suppliers for their treatments.

Anyone new to the sector can discover the latest products, learn from the extensive program offering high quality content and interact with more experienced industry experts.

The natural goods market generated approximately R$ 94 billion in Brazil with rising demand for healthy foods. That was just in 2019. A large proportion of these revenues come from deals sealed at Naturaltech.

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bio foods

Juices and beverages, chocolates, milk, dairy and eggs, honey and derivatives, fruit and vegetables, breads, pastas, cakes and biscuits, fresh organic foods, meat, coffee, frozen foods, gluten-free and lactose-free foods.

bio fashion

Bio jewelry, clothing, fabrics and accessories.

BIO cosmetics and hygiene

Aromas and essences, creams, shampoos, soaps, tonics, raw materials, makeup, cleaning products.

BIO production and services

Inputs and fertilizers, equipment and machinery, certifiers, publishers, consulting, packaging, transport and solar energy, among others.

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