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BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA and NATURALTECH confirmed growth in the market of organic and natural products

Fairs were the stage of the industry creativity and innovation and offered a wide and varied range of products to meet the retail.

Biggest sustainability event in Latin America, the simultaneous fairs BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA and NATURALTECH, finished this Saturday, June 8, in Anhembi, confirmed growth in the organic and natural product market. 

Together, the fairs gathered 672 exhibiting companies, a number 33% greater than in 2018. Visiting also had a significant growth and reached the mark of 44,140 visitors, among shopkeepers, buyers, healthcare professionals, industry professionals and final consumer, in the four days. Among the buyers, visiting increased 21%.

For the Business manager of Francal Feiras, Valeska de Oliveira, the recently concluded edition was a portrait not only of the organic and natural market, but also of its creativity and innovation. “The event had everything and discussed everything related to the products and themes of sustainability: from market opening to female entrepreneurship, from new techniques and technologies to creative economy”.

The executive highlights the enchantment that many shopkeepers demonstrated towards the quality and variety of products available at the fair. “They found an incredible range of suppliers that will contribute to delight their own customers, the final consumer”, Valeska finds out.

The president of Francal Feiras, Abdala Jamil Abdala, recalls that BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA and NATURALTECH are the result of the entrepreneur’s vision of the promoter, who 15 years ago saw the potential of a consumer market worried about global sustainability. “Today we celebrate this brand confirming our position as the biggest industry fair in Latin America”.

Cobi Cruz, director of Organis – Brazilian Board of Organic and Sustainable Production, classifies this edition as “historical”. “The retail came to know the brands and launches, and the consumer came to reinforce the size of this market. The business estimate of Organis associates, in the collective stand, exceeds R$ 1 million for the next 12 months”.


Business also took place in the 514 meetings of the Business Rounds. For two days (the 5th and the 6th), 217 exhibiting companies had a direct and personal contact with 32 invited buyers and offered their products in reserved environment, outside the stands. The meetings generated an expected R$ 18.87 million to be realized in the next 12 months.

The buyers came from eight states – Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and from the Federal District – which has widened the opportunities for the exhibitors to open new markets.


The growth of BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA and NATURALTECH was also evidenced in the increase of international presence. More than 30 companies from 13 countries – Germany, Austria, Chile, South Korea, Spain, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru and Portugal – exhibited their products and services to the buyers and consumers who visit the fairs. Two of them, Chile and Peru, maintained their own pavilions.


Lasting around 120 hours, the free program of BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA and NATURALTECH brought to visitors, businessmen, entrepreneurs and other audiences, a high-quality content and contributed to the debate about the most current topics of the market for products, either organic or natural, vegetarianism and veganism, innovation, healthiness, integrative practices, health, beauty and much more.

The lectures, forums, workshops, chats and show classes were attended by renowned specialists in their areas of work and also celebrities such as Bela Gil, Ellen Jabour and Luisa Mell, and authorities such as Virginia Lira, coordinator of Organic Production of the Agricultural Defense Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Viva Verde Seal

A novelty of this edition, Viva Verde Seal campaign promoted the engagement of exhibiting companies for more sustainable actions. One hundred exhibitors received the seal because they have generated the minimum trash and waste possible, creating mechanisms that facilitated its collection and recycling, and because they thought of the utensils used to support the demonstrations and tasting. These companies could stamp the Viva Verde Seal on their stands, social media, digital channels and other promotional materials.

Exhibitor’s word

We opened new markets. Businessmen from Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais were very emphatic inviting us to take our kombucha to their markets.

Afranio Medeiros, director of Ewe/ Yuka

For Lightsweet, this year edition, besides new and potential customers, received our current customers who were not present in previous years. The fair has raised a great interest in the self-service channel in the search for healthy products.

Maikom Zambianchi, Marketing coordinator of Lightsweet

Participating in Bio Brazil Fair is keeping contact with our customers and partners, as well as prospecting new customers. It is a moment to present the diversity of recipes that we may offer with our flour. We take advantage of the event to create new contacts for future business, we generate negotiation around the year.

José Gomes, Commercial manager of Ocrim Group

Being at Naturaltech was a new and positive experience for Linea Alimentos. Not only because of the business, which opened us many doors with small and big possible partner companies, but also for the reinvention cycle of our positioning. The fair showed us the possibility of speaking with a diverse audience in line with the message that we want to convey.

Franciele Boaria, Communication coordinator of Linea Alimentos

Naturaltech is an event that follows the philosophy of Superbom to promote healthy eating habits. For this reason, it is an excellent opportunity to present our launches, both to the final consumer and to the retailers who offer such healthy food.

Ivan, Commercial director of Superbom

It is encouraging seeing the dynamism of brands and so many launches in the current economic scenario of the Country. Seeing that the segment is vibrant, strong. If we compare to four years ago, besides the greater audience, number of exhibitors and quality of what is being exhibited, we note that the consumers are more demanding and understand more of what we are speaking, of what fair agriculture is, for example, which they did not know before and appreciate today. This shows that the fair is in the right way and that we are in the right way. This year we have two stands, which demonstrates Naturaltech growth and the market potential.

Romanna Remor, Marketing director of Souly – Feed Your Soul

Launching the brand during Naturaltech was one of the best choices that we have made. We feel the synergy of our business with the proposal of the fair and take advantage of this opportunity to present the products to the market and also to the final consumer. Our cheeses, pizzas and preserves were very well received, and this feedback was important to know that we are in the right track. Besides, the audience who visits Naturaltech is varied and this made the difference, as we were able to talk to the food service market personnel for future partnerships and negotiations, besides submitting the portfolio to retailers and commercial representatives. The final balance was very positive. 

Tobias Biselli, owner partner of Galpão Cucina  

Brazil already has 19 thousand organic producers. In this context, participating in big events such as Bio Brazil Fair and Naturaltech gives even more visibility to whom works in this segmented market, which strengthens the whole chain. 
The organic market dimension is reaching, at the same time, a diversity, a professional maturation, that is visible in the fair. Today, the family agriculture, agribusiness and the great productions in Brazil fit the organic industry. It is a growth in all levels, in all forms of market access.

Alexandre Harkaly, executive director of IBD Certificações

We are surprised with the results already achieved, as besides our faithful customers, we realize that there is still a great market to be explored. Our investment in Naturaltech certainly also brought us new contacts and business possibilities that will be fundamental to continue our work, acquire knowledge about the new technologies and discover the main trends.

Fábián Lázló, CEO of Lazlo Brasil

For Korin, participating in Bio Brazil Fair is always a very good expectation because we already know that we will meet long-term customers and partners, and it is a moment to sit down in tranquility and talk about several subjects, and also an opportunity to have contact with the final consumer to explain the differentials of the products with our brand.

Marceno Braga, Marketing manager of Korin

This year, the fair has interesting novelties and many people interested in Cuida Bem, the brand that we brought to the event. Also, we met people in white areas to make distribution, which may increase the capillarity of our products. Besides, the flow of people was very positive, an average 60 people passed by the stand every hour. Naturaltech contributes a lot to the brand, to make it more accessible to the consumers, to whom really wants to buy the products of Cuida Bem Line, and the event is very productive.

Breno Pereira Lima de Carvalho, manager of Healthy Products of Santa Helena

This year’s edition was very good for us. We realized an audience increase and may state that we certainly doubled sales here and also made many important contacts.

Luana Stein, director of Marketing and Innovation of Revel Group (brands Monama, Farovitta, Empório da Papinha and Tivva)

Schraiber has participated for the 14th time in Naturaltech and in each edition we realize how the segment of natural products has been growing and gaining representativity. We are very happy with the results achieved this year and will invest in the development of new products to be launched in 2020 Naturaltech.

Paulo Egedy, Marketing director of Schraiber

The experience of Vih! was amazing, from the participation of the audience, beyond our expectation, to the business volume. We accounted over 500 people per day in our stand. We are refreshed and ready for more business in 2020.

Angélica Moretti, idealizer of Vih! Alimentos

It is the second year that we are exhibiting and for us, with a new company in the market, it is fantastic having contact with shopkeepers out of São Paulo. We had a lot of visits and the work at the fair does not finish here; we will continue with the number of contacts, which was fundamental and helped us very much.

Teco Lauletta, owner partner of Organic4

It is our first time in the fair as exhibitors. This time we changed the business round to a stand that could help in the prospection for suppliers for our expansion plan, which is very robust. It was very positive, even better than we expected. I believe that 70% of the exhibitors came to our stand and could see our portfolio.

Laura Reis, manager of Organic and Healthy Products at Hortifruti e Natural da Terra

In terms of business it was excellent, because we are evolving a lot in the branch of organic products. We had a better receptivity than we expected, talked to distributors, buyers, the final consumer and even the export industry.

Rafael Bortolato, Commercial analyst of Fugini

In general, the fair was very positive so that we could contact the personnel in food service, retail, distributors and final consumer. For us, such dynamics is very important. We had a lot of prospection, many partnerships and already have meetings scheduled and business planned for after the fair.

Angelita Collette, Key Account of Wessel

This edition was amazing for us, exceeded our expectation, since in the first day we earned what we used to sell throughout the entire event. We believe this happened also because we have more products, a bigger stand, more people to assist, and now we close orders for shopkeepers”

Ananda Boschilia, founding partner of Alva / Bioté Group.

We saw a great event evolution in the number of business. We received more shopkeepers and, mainly, more qualified visits. For 2020, our expect is doubling the sales of this edition, as this year we doubled the sales of last year. We were impressed by the interest of Arab countries, Portugal, Germany, United States and China in our work”,

Camille Rossana da Cruz, Commercial manager of Glory by Nature.

We have been exhibitors for five years and it exceeded our expects in terms of business volume and customer prospection. The fair brings visibility, good negotiations and its effect lingers till the next edition. It is worth the investment.

Caroline Villar, founding partner of Souvie.

Our assessment happens after the fair, but we already have a previous view that it was very productive, a lot of contacts made here. It is the first year that we are exhibitors, our business is very specific, and, for this reason, we seldom close a deal right away. However, we have contacted many interested people and will analyze them individually to develop customized projects over the year.

Felipe Cunha, CEO of Suplax.

We have had good leads and certainly we will have a good volume of sales, an average increase of 30% to 40%. The fair was the stage to consolidate negotiations that were already in progress, besides feeling the consumers’ feedback. We are quite satisfied with the result.

Nicholas Edenburg, Execution coordinator of Pic-Me.

Last year, we were present in the fair at a partner’s stand. This turn we sought our own space and it was the best choice. We felt a huge difference in terms of brand visibility and movement of people at the stand. Our actions are more directed to B2B, so we had no direct sales to the consumer during the event. However, we had many opportunities in new deals and could advance in the prospections that we had started before the fair.

Gustavo do Ó, director of Cajueiro do Brasil.

We felt a change in the scope that is already attracting more retailers looking for healthier products. Many of these retailers were amazed with the size of our portfolio, so it is an opportunity, since in terms of customers it was extremely positive, and we found potential contacts nationwide.

Isabel Vasconcelos, of the Marketing department of Hevea

For us it was very good, and since last year we have decided putting our products on sale and it has been a wonderful experience. On the last day we had a purchase queue. We grew 146% in the organic market and during the fair we assisted many raw-material people, around 150 contacts, besides other industries. I believe that, at the end, we talked to around 500 people.

Rafael Hortz, Marketing manager of Vapza

The fair was a success again. Every year it creates new opportunities and we receive many visits, many consumers, customers that have already become our partners and we also receive many companies with opportunity for new deals. Our stand did not stay quiet for one minute, these were four crowded days. I can say that the volume is great.

Jose Gomes, Commercial manager of Mirella

Our participation in the fair was very productive. The companies comprising our stand fomented many deals. In the consulting segment, we had an average 60 attendances per day in the first three days and around 40 attendances on Saturday. Having this amount of attendance in a fair is something very expressive.

Dorli Martins, consultant of Sebrae Nacional

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