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The market of organic products is among those that grow more quickly in Brazil. The sector has gained momentum since its regulation in 2011 – which established the mandatory certification and a quality seal to guide the consumer – and has grown substantially since then. In 2016, the sales reached R$ 3 billion, a 20% growth compared to the previous year. Keeping an eye on the potential of such market, in 2004, many years before the regulation of the sector, Francal Feiras – International Shoe and Accessories Fashion Fair conceived a professional event that might boost the business, collaborate on training, enlarge the visibility, and promote the meeting of producers, processors, distributors, storekeepers, government agents, end consumer, and other links comprising the chain of organic products. 
In its 13th edition, the BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – International Trade Fair of Organic Products and Agroecology, to be held on June 7 to 10, at the pavilion of Biennial Fair of Ibirapuera, in São Paulo – is nowadays the official platform for the market of organic products in Latin America. The fair gathers from market-leading companies, which aim to widen their business volume and build a closer direct relationship with retailers and consumers, to small producers, which participate in the event supported by cooperative corporations and government entities. The increasing evolution of the Brazilian organic production – which encompasses far beyond natural fruits and vegetables – is reflected in the segmentation of the exhibitors within the fair: Bio Foods: meats; juices, and drinks; milk, dairy products, and eggs; fruits and vegetables; breads, pastries, cakes, and cookies; honey and by-products; chocolates; coffee; natural and frozen organic foods in general;
Bio Cosmetics: aromas and essences, creams, shampoos, soaps, tonics, and raw materials;
Bio Fashion: bio-jewelry, clothing, fabrics, and accessories; and 
Bio Production and Services: inputs and fertilizers, equipment and machinery, certifying entities, advisory services, editorial offices, and packages. THE INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR OF ORGANIC PRODUCTS AND AGROECOLOGY receives every year thousands of visitors coming from several Brazilian states and countries around the world. The majority of them are buyers from specialized stores, supermarket owners, wholesalers, distributors, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other establishments, but also professionals such as nutritionists, therapists, and chefs, in addition to the general attendance, who have the opportunity to taste and buy small amounts directly from producers and manufacturers. International Forum on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA is also the moment of the year when debates concerning the main themes of the organic sector take place. The International Forum on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture is more than a cycle of presentations and lectures; it represents a democratic space where authorities of the national and international market of organic products discuss public policies, trends, challenges, widening of sales channels, and supply of products, among other themes.  Simultaneous event Naturaltech 2017 – 13th Natural Products, Food, Supplements and Health Fair, which is the only Brazilian business event focused on the natural product segment, is held together with BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA.  Performance Since 2013, the fair has a partnership with NürnbergMesse, the German promoter of BIOFACH – the world’s most important organic trade fair, with editions in Germany, India, China, Japan, and in the United States. Thanks to the partnership, BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA has become an integral part of the international calendar of fairs dedicated to organic production, increased the number of seminars with the presence of important world players in the sector, and enlarged the business opportunities of its exhibitors with buyers from several countries.  About Francal Feiras  The dynamism, professionalism, and high quality that Francal Feiras conveys to its trade fairs over the almost 50 years of activity place the company as one of the leaders in the sector. The promoter currently assists in the development of 15 important economic segments by means of events that widen the visibility of the brands, introduce innovative processes and products, and widen the business opportunities and relationship throughout the chain. The business environment of all these fairs is enriched by a wide and diversified professional content, transmitted by renowned specialists, in order to contribute to knowledge dissemination, a deeper debate, and professional training. Learn about all events at About NürnbergMesse Brazil Responsible for promoting the most important meetings of suppliers, distributors, and resellers of the country in its trade fairs, NürnbergMesse Brazil is a subsidiary company of NürnbergMesse Group and one of the greatest international event and exhibition planning companies in Brazil. The company moves several segments of the national economy, with a high level of professionalism and competence. The main events include American Winner FIFé Cat Show, Analitica Latin America, BIOFACH Latin America, Brazil Cycle Fair, FCE Cosmetique, FCE Pharma, Glass South America, it-sa Brasil, PET South America, R+T South America and URB Trade Show. About NürnbergMesse group NürnbergMesse group is one of the 15 greatest fair planning companies in the world and is part of the ten greatest companies of Europe. The portfolio includes over 120 international fairs and congresses in Nuremberg (Germany) and all over the world. Annually, around 30 thousand exhibitors (39% international ones) and more than 1.4 million visitors (22% international ones) participate in the events organized by NürnbergMesse Group, which is present by means of its subsidiaries in China, North America, Brazil, Italy and now in India. NürnbergMesse group has a network with around 50 representatives operating in 100 countries.  SERVICE: BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA 2017 – 13th International Trade Fair of Organic Products and Agroecology
Date: June 7 to 10 (Wednesday through Saturday) – open to the public on the 9th and 10th 
Time: from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Place: Pavilion of the Biennial Fair of Ibirapuera
Promotion/Organization: Francal Feiras  Collaboration: NürnbergMesse
Support: AAO (Organic Agriculture Association) and Organis (Brazilian Board of Organic and Sustainable Production)
Institutional Support: Chamber of Commerce of Mercosul
Information by telephone: +55 (11) 2226-3100 Website: Twitter: @biobrazilfair
Facebook: BioBrazilFair
Google+: Bio Brazil Fair FAIR OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON JUNE 9 AND 10, FREE ENTRANCE.More information to the press:
Francal Feiras 
Jota Silvestre
Primeira Página Assessoria de Comunicação e Eventos
+55(11) 5908-8214
Journalist in charge: Luiz Carlos Franco (MTb 10993) NürnbergMesseBrasil
Deborah Carvalhal –
Telephone: +55 11 3205-5010
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Telephone: +55 11 3205-5041 

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